What do good partnerships look like?

Partnerships are built on trust and time. As we get to know
each other we can develop deeper partnerships with one another. A good
partnership focuses on the actions of Communicate, Coordinate, Cooperate and
Collaborate.  There are also practical
questions below designed to facilitate discussions that will help us mature the
partnership to the next level. Continue reading

Revival Starters

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I believe we are standing at the very beginning of the
greatest revival in history.  But the
fire of God is not going to  fall just
because God wants to.  There has to be
people who are willing to partner with God. 
You need to be available for God to show up and show off like never
before.  Are you willing to surrender
your desire, your plans Continue reading

Finish It

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Several things that would help to stay on course and finish
the “race”:It doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you finish.  Too many Christians I’ve met during the
“race” would give up on their goals for various reasons. Continue reading

Waiting On God

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Why God wants us to wait on Him.  We hear it often that we ought to wait for
Him, but why?  First of all I think that
God wants us to be depended on Him. We are willingly surrendering our will to
God. Continue reading

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