Waiting On God

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Why God wants us to wait on Him.  We hear it often that we ought to wait for Him, but why?  First of all I think that God wants us to be depended on Him. We are willingly surrendering our will to God. Don’t pray and ask God to do what you should’ve done.  There is no formula for direction and ministry for your life, there is no formula how to heal the sick. Jesus said that He didn’t do anything until He sees what father was doing. God has to speak to you personally what you should or shouldn’t do.  Second is that we learn to trust Him when we wait on Him.  Our flesh wants to move on but we wait to say God you go first. And last I think it is the most effective way to hear his voice.  

Let me give you few steps how to develop your relationship with Him.

1. Set up time when you want to have your prayer.

We live in a time where big demand is.  If you don’t fill your schedule for prayer, others will gladly do that for you.  It doesn’t matter what time of the day you decide to pray, as long as you pray.

2. Learn to listen.

Yes how can you hear God when you are the only one that do the talking.  We need to give God opportunity to talk to us.

3. Fight destruction in your mind.

Our mind is filled with anxiety and other stuff of life.  Bible says that we shouldn’t think of earthly things, but heavenly things where Christ is seated.  Try to have this time when you don’t think of yourself, but you think of heaven.  You will realize that your mind will shift from your toward God.  Your mind will wonder but you take control of it. Very often for me soft soaking music helps

4. Act upon what you heard.

I learned when God speaks to you the easiest time to do it is right away.  I have seen people kept talking what God spoke to them to do, but they never stepped forward and start doing it.  If you are not ready to do it right now, you probably will never be ready. If God doesn’t speak to you, you probably haven’t done what He said before.  So are you ready then start it after reading this.

 Have a great Journey with the Holy Spirit

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