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Several things that would help to stay on course and finish the “race”:It doesn’t matter how you start, it matters how you finish.  Too many Christians I’ve met during the “race” would give up on their goals for various reasons. The Bible says, “To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations.” To how you finish will determine where you are going to be in the future, and for eternity.  Are you ready for this?  If yes, keep reading.

1. Make unreserved, unconditional commitments to God.  You need to surrender to God instead of telling God what He should do for you.  Too many people try to use God, but you should let God use you.

2. Don’t give up when things get too difficult.  God didn’t call on you to be successful, He called on you to be faithful.  Preaching the Gospel does not always have great results.  Study the book of Acts and you will find that they were not always excepted.

3.Don’t give up when things get too easy.  In Mark chapter 4, Jesus spoke about a sower planting a seed.  There are three that didn’t have any fruit.  The seeds that fell on stony ground met opposition, and endured only for a while.  Seeds that fell among thorns had no opposition and things were too easy, so those people just went on to make a better lifestyle instead of moving on.

4. Don’t give up even if you fall.  Throughout all of the Bible you will find people that fell and got up.  It’s not how bad you blew it, it’s what you do after that.  Don’t keep on laying and crying over yourself, Get up and move.

5.Keep your eyes on the crown.  There is nothing wrong with seeking for reward, but you should look for it not in this life.

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