Amy Johnson



  Last night was incredible…I can’t tell you how much of my life has led up to this.

  The Lord has spoken several things to me over the past few months…He told me there would be a “shift” and at least 7 things you spoke were exactly what the Lord has shown me. The last thing you had spoken about the angel of death passing and only seeing the blood was a revelation God had emphasized to me and I shared 3 days ago with a friend that was there last night. I have been “camping out” in Acts Chapter 2 for several months and the Lord said, “new wine skins” before I walked in to the last revival and that was the first thing you started talking about.

  I am personally being broken for the lost and very saddened by the current state of the “sleeping” church. Often times I walk in and want to shout, “WAKE UP!!” I was asking God to please bring me a group that is in love with Him that I can openly grow and worship with in Spirit and Truth. I am so thankful for you and your wife laying down down your lives for the sake of the Gospel. Thank you!!

I am personally wanting to obey God by releasing the stored up things He has put in my heart and overcome my fear of public speaking. I have publicly shared my testimony many times….but I know God is grooming me to say and do many more exploits for Him. I have a serious passion to lead people to Christ and enjoy doing that on a “one on one” but in a crowd God has told me “don’t look to your left or right, but keep your eyes fixed on me.” I need to be a fool before the Lord which is exactly what you have been touching on which has been my main area of prayer. Thank you for being so real I truly appreciate that!!


In Christ,


Amy Johnson

Daniel 11:32

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